Americans gave power back to the democrats in the two houses. Let's hope for those in Guantanamo that they restore the rule of law, so that everybody gets his right for a lawful process. No matter if president or traveler. See the previous entry for an example.
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New York Times

One stone of freedom and rationality in this world, the NYTimes features an article, that might make you think about the grade of democracy and rule of law in the country you live in.
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Loss of privacy

The European commission passed a law that forces all internet providers to protocol all connections and store these at least 6 months. This action gets us rid of the virtual anonymity that we had up to now. One might argue, that nearly all providers logged the sessions of their users anyways, but now its obligatory.

This pile of data gives the European governments the power to track down most publications made online by the folks. We have to watch closely that this power is not abused by politicians to get rid of nasty journalists, statements or critics. Freedom of speech can quickly be compromised. For instance lookup the US rating in the 'reporters without borders' statement: Press freedom index

Hopefully TOR will gain a broader installation base, before Europe drops too far in this index.
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Deus ex machina

Carpe noctem. I'm trying to.
Dear visitor, my greetings go out to you in this post.

Describing this blog, thats perhaps what the first post should be about. I'd love to talk about stuff that really matters, but I couldn't contribute much to that, so I guess this will be about information technology, software, politics as I won't be able to suppress response to certain current events and other influences in my life.

Hope you enjoy!
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