What's your status?

Hello Windows User!

New poll: What do you think about the German "Bundestrojaner" project, targeting instant 'behind the scenes' surveillance of ALL your computer activities?

Okay, no need for a poll. You can derive the message that I am trying to submit to you on your own:

There are laws in Germany, that legalize your complete informational surveillance without your notice or your knowledge:

Every website that you visit, every email that you write, every message you send to your Skype, ICQ or somewhat contact (yes, no problem to intercept the message at your computer, even if Skype tells you 'encrypted' connection, or your online banking says secure connection - argumentation: local keylogger software), every document you read, perhaps everything that you say - all new notebooks have microphones included - completely software-controllable...

So, let's imagine thats the situation (takes not much until the law is passed, read the news: Heise ).

Furthermore imagine your name is Microsoft (or-every-other-closed-source-software-vendor) and your choice is to implement that possibility for the German executive or to give up that high-tech market of those 80 million people..

Hello user, my name is Franz Poolice, I am just watching your family's photo collection (Joe's 6th birthday party), yes that one on your C drive.

Don't let it come that far, make the choice, install Ubuntu or any open-source operating system that you can handle!

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