Mainboard trouble again

Here comes my mainboard again. Again its been very annoying, this time during the Debian installation. I still have the same hardware setup as here.

Problem was first that the "Debian Etch" installer won't detect the SATA hard drive connected to the ICH8 controller on my Abit AB9 motherboard. After connecting the drive to a SATA port of the JMicron 363 that was working (but killed the Windows Vista installer with 'Please insert installation disc 1').

Weird thing was after installing the whole system, it won't boot anymore! First I thought it was some more driver trouble like I had with Windows XP.

Errors during booting were:

SATA link down
Softreset failed
Waiting for root file system

Obviously the kernel couldn't mount the root file system due to some reason.

After some tests with boot parameters I came across the root file system parameter to the kernel and here was the problem, it was configured to boot from /dev/sdb1 but I knew the drive was at /dev/sda1. So either the installer messed up Grub's config or the controller magically switched some ports..

Anyways, Windows Vista didn't like my current setup, so it went off the boat, byebye. Welcome Debian to my Desktop!

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