Vista vs Vista

...or '1 new reason why the command prompt is superior to the Windows Explorer'.

I created a backup some months ago on a DVD without finalizing it and now wanted to get some files from the disc. Yet clicking on the drive in the Windows Explorer yields a 'Prepare the blank disc' dialog followed with a 'Do you really want to erase all the data on the disc?'.

So there was absolutely no way to access to data on the DVD without erasing it??!?? (Or marking them erased through adding another session during some burning session).

But, there still is some way! Open the command prompt and browse the files without any burning dialog hassle.

.. Ahhh wonderful Vista world, takes you into history.. enjoy the Wow effect - of the the command prompt..
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DNS-Response of the week

req: www.wolfgang-schaeuble.de

(been so 4 days long)

for transparency of governments and not of the citizens.
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Zitat der Woche

"Manchmal fehlt dem Schäuble ein Schräuble."

Und das Rennen um den gläsernen Bürger geht weiter. Die CDU liegt ganz weit vorn und die Ziellinie ist schon in Sichtweite.

Um die Stasi-Wiedereinsetzungsversuche zu erschweren und seine eigene Privatsphäre zu schützen empfehlen Arzt und Apotheker Linux, gnuPG, OpenVPN und Truecrypt sowie OpenSource Software auf breiter Basis.
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