Grub error 17

Interestingly 0x17=23 hehe, but let's leave that aside.

Got abovementioned error even before the boot menu showed up, so I was again really locked out from my Windows Vista and my Debian. And slowly I began to remember last night, I tried to install some new game on Vista, but disk space was too low and the installer had some bug not letting me install the software on any other drive than C.

Looking back, the decision I took, using the Windows built-in partition manager to purge the second partition (unused encrypted) and merge it into Windows' C partition, seems horribly dangerous , but well, let's say I had some wine :)

Well, that merging worked great on first sight, unbelievable! I played some time and shut down the PC. To have a bad awakening today...

Well after the general first confusion I reinstalled grub and I got at least to the boot menu. Still outstanding was to generate a new initramfs, and change all partition relevant settings, because now I had one partition less before my boot and root.

Perhaps I should be more cautious about new games :) See my solution blog for the technical details.

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