I think I haven't been writing about Synergy, but as it is an essential tool for me, I want to introduce it to you too. No I don't mean the buzzword thing, I'm speaking of:

Synergy Keyboard and Mouse Sharing

Open source and cross-platform software (Windows,Linux,Mac), for cases where you have multiple screens on your desk. You can configure Synergy, to move onto the other PC, when you move the mouse over the left/right end of your main computer. And then directs Mouse and Keyboard input to the other PC!

So my setup here is basically a Laptop and a desktop PC, where I'm using the desktops keyboard and mouse to work on both of them and thus expanding my work area.

It's a good replacement for other remote softare, when you have the "remote" PC's screen on your desk anyways.

However, it's missing a maintainer to eliminate the existing minor bugs and port it to Vista the proper way, searching for a project? Give it a try, it has got very well structured C++ source and architecture as far as I can tell from the first glances.

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