Right to Left assignment (Left := Right)

Quite everyone seems to have settled on the convention that "further-right-things" are built of "further-left-things" according to the left-to-right reading order. Grab any scientific paper and check for that. However the most basic mathematical building blocks say "let x be -y-" where the order really is reversed, as in most equation/assignment formulations and definitions.

Are the roots of that found in the Arabic influence of Al-Khwārizmī with the Arabic "right-to-left" writing? Fact: I don't know.

Anyways, I find it quite irritating to have right-to-left assignment with left-to-right reading order. So one of those should change, choose one. You should read a construct (expression, definiendum, etc) and understand it before a name is chosen, because the first is required to be understood to get an idea what the last will stand for.

Put in other words: The "information flow" direction (in an very informal manner) should stay the same throughout any text for easier comprehension.

So how can any mathematician justify that very basic notation order besides tradition?

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