Unicode Key Bindings under X

Who'd thought of that, it DOES work:

xmodmap -e 'keycode 69 = U2227'

This binds the logical and ( ∧ ) to the F3 key. Note the uncommon syntax of prefixing solo a U for Unicode and not a U+ as often custom. However this doesn't seem official, the man page doesn't mention that notation at all.

Have fun!
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Tor relay is up and running! Though I don't have that much bandwidth (upload limit, damn asynchronous DSL) but the slice is already fully used. Need to work out a node at the university, should talk to some people there again..
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Bandwidth monitoring in Linux

IPTraf shows a nice per interface total bandwidth usage, whereas jnettop breaks bandwidth usage down to single connection. Both available as Ubuntu Packages.
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Pidgin Oscar (ICQ) Security

Just threw out pidgin for empathy, because it basically authenticates using the plain password over the wire. Pidgin relies on libpurple for the implementation of the protocol. Libpurple transmits the password by xoring with some magic bytes, such that the password can be retrieved by any listener of the network traffic.

Consider using wireshark for sniffing the TLV block "roasted password bytes" and the following C++ code to reconstruct the password. There seems no option for changing the login method to a more secure setting. Empathy at least implements a challenge response and hashing system (not evaluated in detail).
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..is over. Just returned from there, very interesting and entertaining too. Next years congress seems to bring some change:

26C3 Wiki

The next C3 will certainly take place at another location...

Its a pity to give up the bcc, but the crowd growth over the last years was immense. Looking forward to next year.
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